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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Generating inbound traffic to your website is not enough. Most advertisers pay for exposure and lead traffic to a static home page, cross their arms and hope for a positive ROI. There’s much more to it however; your landing page must match the message of your advertisements, it must have goal-driven copy, a call to action, a powerful lead magnet, compelling visuals, and must be mobile responsive. Then, even once you have all those elements, you’d be lucky to get a conversion.

Have you ever thought maybe you’re not converting because your landing page is not optimized for conversions? At Exposure Social, we specialize in lead generation and conversion optimization – we increase the percentage of visitors that complete an action.

How we do it:

When it comes to increasing conversions you have generally two ways to go about doing so; you can either pay more to drive additional traffic to your site, or you can keep the same traffic but instead improve your site’s performance. We are conversion experts, here’s a few things you can expect from us:

  • Designing your landing pages to facilitate high interaction rates
  • Running heatmaps to view users online behavior
  • A/B split testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Match your ads messaging with its destination
  • Refine and optimize your ads targeting
  • Improve the content of your website
  • Review industry KPI’s + comparison analysis
  • View and evaluate users browsing behavior– Analytics
  • Evaluate acquisition and behavior metrics

Thank you!