Content Amplification & Native

Content Amplification

Content Amplification is perhaps the most important phase in your content marketing strategy which relies on the promotion of your content. Amplification happens when you extend the reach of your message. Not only do we create curiosity-invoking content but also develop the momentum it needs by extending its reach through a variety of paid placements. Native advertising is one approach that offers a way to extend the reach of your message with a less intrusive experience.

Native ads match the look of each publishers page; as the ads blend in with the content your audience is viewing, it drives higher engagement, a better user experience, greater visibility, and receives higher click-through rates.

Benefits of Native Advertising:

  • Receives higher click-throughs
  • Captures more attention
  • Higher engagement
  • Greater likelihood of social sharing
  • Empowers your audience
  • Increased page visit durations
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • A higher lift in purchase intent