People make a lot of decisions every single day, some being conscious but most are unconsciously made by the information that surrounds them.

Social media is one of those information platforms that subconsciously impact the decisions made by consumers everyday. Roughly 95% of consumers report that they trust the information they receive on social media and word of mouth over all other forms of advertising. Its almost as if people do not view social media as a marketing method. Because of this, people are more receptive to receiving information found on these platforms.

All businesses and brands should be fully utilizing their social media channels to their fullest potential.


Better Opportunities

Social media marketing provides a ton of opportunities when converting potential customers to loyal long lasting clients. This network allows you to connect with an infinite amount of relationships through your followers, their followers and your ideal target audience. When you post videos, links, or a topic that is relevant to your business, you start to expand your network of viewers. Each reaction and engagement that is initiated from your post is a chance for your brand and business to lead to a conversion.

For instance, last week I was just browsing along the news feed and I landed on a post that my mother shared. My mom recently started getting heavily involved in practicing Yoga so she reads a lot of material about yoga poses, nutritional information and meditation practices. However, on this day I noticed my mother shared a post that was constructed by a friend of mine (she’s the owner of a yoga studio and nutritional supplement business). My mother successfully (and thats big kudos to her, she usually doesn’t know what she’s doing when it comes to computers) re-shared that same post, reaching another 400 people on her network. Think about it this way, my friend (the owner of this studio) posted a link that led people to her websites blog page (or landing page) which reached her large network of followers (over 1000 friends). Her friends also shared her post, effectively reaching an even greater audience. Their friends shared their friends post and this continued until it reached my mother.

You see, this is the bases of Paid Amplification, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. It works by getting your message (your content) promoted (or amplified) by your customers, fans, influencers and friends. Each individual sharer extends your message to their personal network, who can then promote it to their network and so on. This is organic virility. How beautiful eh? (Sounds so Canadian-eh) Combine this organic reach with paid social ads and you’re on a journey to increasing your businesses reach and leading more conversions to your business. We offer the full solution- from Content Marketing, Paid Amplification and Social Media Marketing.

Increased Traffic and Conversion Rates

If you use social media marketing the right way, you can increase your websites traffic drastically. We can’t share you our secrets but one thing we can tell you is that social media has a lot of power (if done right) in terms of reaching your target audience. The key to getting customers to your website is by providing invaluable information. That is, information that people are receptive to read. The information that is relevant to your business’ audience. Combine this with our sponsored ads and you’re on a boundless road to business success.

Social Media Marketing Examples:


At this point its really shocking if a company ignores their social media. Social Media Marketing should be a key component to every brands overall marketing strategy. With the right approach, Social Media Marketing can enhance your companies reach and build a positive brand image to your business.

Social Ad Segmentation

Perhaps another great strength of Social Media Marketing is Social Ad Segmentation– the ability to segment your sponsored ads to reach your ideal target audience. With Facebook’s algorithms, they make it possible for us to segment (the act of dividing a broad target audience into subsets of consumers that have common needs, interests, and behaviours) your ads based off of individuals behaviours and interests. For example, you own a med spa business in Toronto and you want to reach women aged 20-35 in the Toronto area that have previously searched for botox and dermal fillers (the stuff that makes your skin beautiful) on Google search pages. Or you have an online blog school and want to reach men and women, aged 25-40 who are interested in blogging. With Social Media Marketing we can reach any type of individual based off of demographics, behavioural characteristics or online interests. This allows us to not only enhance your online reach but to also reach your ideal target customers, the ones that are interested in your services and are ready to make a purchase decision.

Interest type Segmentation:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.45.30 AM

Custom Audiences and Pixel Tracking

Everyone thinks they know how to market on social media these days. They generate a post, share it on their social channels and cross their arms, in the hopes that it will generate them some exposure. Perhaps they take it one step further and actually try creating an ad in their Ads Manager account. They create an audience, including segmentation that they believe will reach their target audience and then put up a generic picture with a caption and hope for the best. You see, this is what 90% of businesses do, not fully understanding how to execute social media marketing. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of social media marketing is creating custom audiences. A custom audience is used for targeting purposes; which allows you to create a list of people who already have a relationship with your business- those individuals that have already interacted with your website or Facebook page. Think of this as social media retargeting (see remarketing for more information). There are many benefits to retargeting on social media, some being: better audience targeting, improves conversion rates and brand recall, improves ad relevancy (which decreases your ad cost), and focuses your advertising dollars on your target audience (people that have already demonstrated an interest in your brand/business).

Custom Audience with Pixel Conversion:

Social Media Marketing company pixel

Now you might be thinking, ‘why would you want to only reach people who already know about your brand or business’- we don’t. There is a time and a place to use retargeting strategies on social media. We usually execute a 60-40 split between marketing to new individuals vs marketing to individuals that already know about your brand for the purpose of increasing conversions and purchase.

We are different than other social media marketing companies out there; we don’t just set up your campaign, put your budget to work and cross our arms together. We continuously monitor your ads performance, adjusting it daily when necessary, and utilize the most effective strategies for increasing those conversions/sales.

Setting up pixel tracking and custom audience lists is perhaps the most vital component to a social media marketing strategy. You can create a custom audience targeting individuals from your email list, your past inquiries, previous engagement on Facebook, or my favourite, creating a list of people who previously visited your website. Taking it one step further, you can create a list to retarget to people who may have stumbled on a particular page on your website but had not inquired, or perhaps you have an e-commerce store and someone abandoned their shopping cart without making a purchase. The possibilities for pixel tracking and custom audience targeting is endless.

Custom Audience Types:

social media marketing audience list

If you’re interested or curious about social media marketing for your business, reach out to us to get a recommendation and a free quote. We have managed to help many brands create a lasting online impression-what are you waiting for?